Combination package Sun & Wind

The combination package Sol & Vind is intended for the cottage owner who wants to use his house to a large extent and also be able to use the wind as an energy source. The accompanying powerful wind generator X400 provides an excellent complement especially during the winter months when the solar supply is not the best.
The installation package contains what you need for the basic installation.
The system also includes a 520Ah AGM battery bank. The controller that comes with it monitors the charge from the wind generator and solar panel. A solid mast for mounting wind generator is included in the package.

The starting point is that the cottage is used all year round, mostly on weekends, but during the summer even for longer periods.

The system’s battery size is recommended for a 400-800 Ah battery, mainly depending on how long the system is charged. The package includes two 260Ah Sunwind AGM batteries. If the cottage is also used for longer periods during the winter, it is suggested that you add another 260Ah battery.

The 100W solar panel and wind generator provide energy for lighting, TV, pressurized water pump, mobile phone charging and other small electrical appliances. With inverters (not included) you can also use, to a reasonable extent, larger electrical appliances such as a microwave, vacuum cleaner or hand tools. A compressor driven refrigerator or refrigerator can also be added to the package, at least for operation during the summer.

1 pc solar panel 100W
1 pc wall bracket
1 pc wind generator X400
1 mast to the wind turbine
1 pc regulator Combi
1 fuse box 2 x 10A 1 x 16A
2 pcs battery AGM 260Ah
1 roll of cable 2 x 2.5 mm²
2 point cable clamp
4 plugs
4 wall sockets
4 junction box
1 battery cable
1 interconnect 2 batteries
1 transition to cigar outlet
1 pc cable solar panel / regulator approx 5 m
1 pc screw bag

Price from 5200€ + installation