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Property: Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Hungary, France, Portugal property sales

Rental Property: Spanish, Turkish, Belgium, Hungarian, French, Portuguese property rental and holiday hire

Web Design:

Search Engine, Optimation, SEO, Web Hosting, Web Shops / E-stores, Property Search Systems, Multilingual Sites , Database Solutions, Web Design, Domain name Registration
Graphic Design: Adverts, Business Cards, Logotypes / Logos, Flyers /Brochures

Our Company profile

Why LISTico you might ask and the answer is simple and direct.
While searching the world wide web for the main thing you are searching for results in a massive and long list of hundreds of thousands of pages with the companies that can afford a really good webmaster to place just their page on the top, not meaning that the top pages have the information you searched for !

On LISTico you will find companies that advertise properties to sell or rent, graphic design and web design, services within insurances, telecom, car rental and others working in the EU€ so what is the difference?

The difference is that all companies advertising on LISTico are evaluated, tested and approved by our staff that has more than 20 years experience within the European property market, worldwide internet advertising, web design, translations, telecom and insurance industry..
With simple words.. we are the consumers that used their services.

In all we also have the power to put their products in a very high place in the search by using the latest technology in the right way!
We call this Personal service going further, just LISTico.

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